Kindness Can Spread Exponentially

Kindness can spread exponentially. One act could lead to countless others, and each of those acts could each lead to countless more.

Chris Rosati

Thanks to: Chris Rosati, The Inspire Media Network, and The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Human Beings Are Works In Progress

Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished. The person you are right now is as transient, as fleeting and as temporary as all the people you’ve ever been. The one constant in our life is change.

Dan Gilbert

Planning For A Better Future

In the years to come, we’re going to see technological innovations beyond anything I can even envision, but we are very unlikely to see anything even approximating the computational power of a human child in my lifetime or in yours. If we invest in these most powerful learners and their development, in babies and children and mothers and fathers and caregivers and teachers the ways we invest in our other most powerful and elegant forms of technology, engineering and design, we will not just be dreaming of a better future, we will be planning for one.

Professor Laura Schulz

Remember, Life Is Precious

Where on earth did it enter our psychology that we need to sacrifice our health to make everybody else happy. It is beautiful to contribute, it’s a ‘win win’, but never at the expense of our own health, and I do not want it to take a health crisis to wake you up, to remind you how precious life is.

Dr Libby Weaver